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Classified Ad Rules - Please take note prior to submitting your ad.
APLA membership is required since this is a no charge, member privilege. At least one of the parents must have an APLA title, both parents require a hip OFA or Penn Hip number and CERF or CAER) eye number submitted with the ad and there are no exceptions.  We also require compliance with the breed standard as defined by the Labrador Retriever Club, the AKC’s recognized parent club for our breed.  

To place a Classified Advertisement, please download and complete the Classified Advertising application.
Email completed form and no more than 3 photos to our volunteer classified section administrator Josh Cochran. Please respect Josh's time and have all information correct prior to submitting.  Also please limit the amount of edits to your ad as that requires his volunteer time and it will not move your ad higher in the listing.  

All advertisements must be approved prior to posting and please allow 5 days for the ad to be posted. 





 Black and Yellow Litter  4xGMPR TGK's The Captains Bleu Ale MH Buffalo Ridge's Huntin' Hemi JH $1000
 GMPR x APR Litter, APLA, HRC, AKC titled Parents GMPR, HRCH Watermark's Lean Persueder MH23 APR, SHR Goose's Little Keeper JH $1200
 East Coast PL Litter GMPR Drl's Don't Look Back JH MPR R&K's Sweet Carolina JH$1600 
 Chocolate Males - Started Puppies HRCH Black Ice's Carbon Copy of Ammo MH QA2 CPR Mackinaw Valley's Don't Tread on Me $1400
 REPEAT Breeding CPR King David's Mighty Benaiah Archer's Abra $1000 Male $1250 Female
 All Yellow Pointing Puppies, Repeat Breeding CPR King David's Mighty Benaiah CPR Mountian Movin Madison $1000 Male $1200 Female
 2.5xGMPR x GMPR Started Pups Available 2.5xGMPR High Calibers Wing Magic Coal JH GMPR Caldwell's Black Bear Rue $1500
 3 Ring Kennels Chocolate Pups Exceptional Pedigree 4xGMPR HRCH 3 Ring Tycho's Supernova of TGK MHSHR Kadens Watch This Tootsie Roll  $1000
 3 Ring Kennels Black and Chocolate Litter 4xGMPR HRCH 3 Ring Tycho's Supernova of TGK MH Vega's 3 Ring Sadie$800 
 RiversWild Retrievers Black and Chocolate Breeding 4xGMPR High Calibers North Lake Life Wire MH RiversWild Retrievers Mighty Miley $1300
 RiversWild Retrievers Black, Fox Red and Yellow Litter 4xGMPR Pasman's Ace in the Hole JH CPR RiversWild Outlaw Kiaya RooZZ$1600, $1300 
 Bak's Pointing Labs Wing Magic's Coal Roller Dakota of Bak's Pointing Labs $1000
 Jazztime & Top Point FC/AFC x 4xGMPR FC/AFC Jazztime Hanging Chad 4xGMPR Top Points' Lil Miss Timber $3800
 All Chocolate Phenomenal Litter 4xGMPR Wing Magic's Santa Fe Jake MH QA2 CPR Duffys Diamond In The Rough JH Call
 GMPR/MH Producing - Repeat Breeding 3xGMPR Blackjacks 3 Ring Vega SH Capella Cochran CTD $800
 GMPR Cruz SH - CPR Scout GMPR Cruisin Backroads SH CPR Northstars Black Duck River Scout $1200
MH Cashmans Super Trooper 4xGMPR x SH Cashmans Early Morning Daybreak MPR  MH Cashmans Super Trooper 4xGMPR   SH Cashmans Early Morning Daybreak MPR  $1500

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