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 World Class Chocolate Litter - Repeat Breeding HRCH Black Ice's Carbon Copy of Ammo Mud Bud MH QA2CPR Mackinaw Valley's Don't Tread On Me  $1400
 Blacks and Yellows CPR S&S Rollin Coal CPR Whitewoods Black Diamond $800
 Diesel x Rue 2xGMPR Wing Magic's Coal Roller JH GMPR Caldwell's Black Bear Rue$1500 
 Pups Pedigree: 7 APLA Hall of Fame/8 4xGMPR 4xGMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Maximus CPR BearPoint Juno $1250-$1500
 (KS) Repeat Breeding Black and Yellows 3xGMPR Blackjack's 3 Ring Vega SH 3 Ring Red Ruby in Scorpius $1000
 FC AFC x 4xGMPR SH FC AFC Jazztime Northern Exposure 4xGMPR Tatanka Bluffs Black Ice's Sandstorm SH $1000-$1200
 (KS) Repeat Breeding Black and Chocolate Pups 2.5xGMPR HRCH 3 Ring Tycho's Supernova of TGK MH 3 Ring Bellatrix CTD $1000-$1200
 Performance, Point, & Personality Red & Yellow Pups CPR Radar's Grand Lake Max CPR BPKS Sonik Casey Roo $1200
 Champion Chocolate Pups 4xGMPR Wing Magic's Santa Fe Jake MH QA2 CPR FHL's Rip Roaring Roxy of HPK JH $1250
4xGMPR HRCH MH QAA x GMPR MH Pups Due May 30th 4xGMPR HRCH Medicine Beau Luke of Black Forest MH QAA GMPR HR Bearpoints Lily of the Valley MH $1500 Male $1750 Female
 Exceptional All Yellow Litter Due April 1 GMPR Madsen's Crusin Backroads SH Stock's Amazing Maizee of HiLo Ranch $900
 4xGMPR HRCH x APR HR Black and Yellow 4xGMPR HRCH NCK's Rock Chalk Jayhawk of TGK MH APR HR Hartman's Belle of the Ball $1500

1.5X GMPR "AC FC SCX6 NFCx2" "AC FC SCX7 NAC" Jet Eclipse SH "Jet" x CPR Sweet Whislin Hurricane Isabel

1.5xGMPR AC FC SCX6 NFCx2 AC FC SCX7 NAC Jet Eclipse SH CPR Sweet Whislin Hurricane Isabel $1000
 Excellent GMPR x GMPR Yellow Litter GMPR HRCH Cooperstown's Splendid Splinter of Blazing Red GMPR HR Cooperstown's Mighty Mite of Northstar $1500
 2xGMPR Sired Chocolate Puppies 2xGMPR HR Baier's Mighty Paw Patrol Zuma CPR Constalker's Dream Chasin Charlie Call
 4xGMPR HRCH x CPR Black, Chocolate, and Yellow Litter 4xGMPR HRCH Lakotas Hurricane Cruz MH  CPR Shooters Rain Dance Maggie $1000
 Top Notch Black and Yellow Pups 4xGMPR HRCH eHud of Springdale Farms MH MNR 1.5xGMPR Pear Tree's Fourth Blossom Vella MH $1750
 RiversWild Retrievers Upcoming Litter 4xGMPR HRCH Lakotas Hurricane Cruz MH RiversWild Retrievers Mighty "Miley" $1300
 Repeat Breeding Black and Yellow Litter CPR King David's Mighty Benaiah Rock Solid's High Caliber Hazel Call
 All Yellow Pointing Labs CPR King David's Mighty Benaiah CPR Archer's Abra of North Star $1000/$1250
 4xGMPR Sired Pups 4xGMPR Wing Magic Santa Fe Jake MH QA2 Black Partridge Marley $1000
 4xGMPR HRCH MH Sired All Black 4xGMPR HRCH NCK's Rock Chalk Jayhawk of TGK MHCPR  Keystone Pistol Annie's Got True Grit Call
 4xGMPR HRCH x CPR Black and Yellow (Choc Factored) 4xGMPR HRCH Lakota's Hurricane Cruz MH CPR Shooters Rain Dance Maggie $1000

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