GMPR HRCH Cooperstown’s Splendid Splinter of Blazing Red

Stud Fee

$1,000 or pick of litter


GMPR, GRHRCH, UH, Black Powder’s Blazing Red Flame MH, MNH, QAA


HRCH, UH Carolina’s Sugar Sweet

OFA Hips

LR-222346E27M-VPI (excellent)

OFA Elbows

LR-EL74251M27-VPI (normal)


LR-EYE7199/14M-VPI (clear)


Clear - D14-029899-1


Clear – parentage


PRA clear, RD/OSD clear, Non-dilute (DD)

APLA Titles


Other Titles



Teddy is one of the most talented males you will find in the APLA. Teddy has a big, blocky head and a nice structure weighing between 62-65 lbs. He is a phenomenal marker, the best I have ever trained by a lot, and that is saying something. This dog is very smart and a team player. In the upland his point is incredible, staunch, stylish and all natural! Teddy has been pointing birds in the upland since we picked him up as a pup at 11 weeks of age. Ted has a great demeanor; very relaxed, yet very curious, just independent enough, yet very friendly. He loves to sit in the recliner with me, and he loves our daughters and anyone who will scratch or rub his belly. Yet when you take him in the field to hunt or get to the line for a hunt test or training he is all business. Teddy has now passed 23 HRC Finished Tests and has 425 Championship Points. Teddy ran 4 series in spring 2018 HRC Grand and Teddy passed the Fall HRC Grand with perfect scores making him one of only 7 GMPR dogs to have ever passed the Grand. He also has multiple AKC Master Hunter Passes and will finish that title up in 2019. Teddy has perfect health clearances and is a great match for many females. Teddy is producing big litters and pups from his litters are doing great and some will be campaigned in hunt tests in 2019. 


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Member Name:

 Justin VanDeHey


Vesper, WI

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