Excellent GMPR x GMPR Yellow Litter




GMPR HRCH Cooperstown's Splendid Splinter of Blazing Red


GMPR HR Cooperstown's Mighty Mite of Northstar





Sire OFA

LR-222346E27M-VPI (hips - excellent)

LR-EL74251M27-VPI (elbows - normal


LR-215540G25F-VPI (hips - good)

LR-EL68570F25-VPI (elbows - normal)

APLA Title


APLA Title 2



We have 2 males available from this awesome pairing. These should be some really talented, good looking pups with a lot of talent. Excellent hunters, guide dogs and really good competition dogs that will be capable of turning it off in the house. This litter brings together the three types of lines I like to mix; American field trial lines, British lines and strong Pointing Lab lines. We believe combining these types of lines brings great point, high trainability, and excellent drive while maintaining good off-switches and a slightly calmer demeanor.

About the Stud - Teddy is just an amazing dog. Period.  He is a good looking, talented dog who has that incredible "on-off"switch everyone desires. He's so calm when he was a year old and our daughter was only 2 she could walk him at heel. Yet he will scale up a 15 foot high river bank or smash through an hazel thicket to retrieve a bird. He is by far the best marking dog I have ever trained and one of the best I have ever seen. His point is incredible; staunch, stylish and all natural. Teddy is really doing well in the hunt test game earning his CPR, MPR, GMPR, SHR, HR and HRCH titles; all before the age of 3. Teddy passed 12/15 HRC Finished tests in 2017 and now has 250 HRC championship points. Teddy will begin work towards his MH and 4xGMPR in the future as time permits and will be running the HRC International Grand again in 2018.

About the Dam - Nellie is a sweet little yellow female that everyone who knows her just loves her. Nellie is a pocket rocket at 50 lbs with a ton of drive. She is fast and really runs hard on marks and blinds. She is super fun to train, loves to work, is very smart and always tries to please. She is a top flight retriever with multiple HRC finished passes. We plan on running Nellie to finish up her HRCH title during 2018 (she only needs 2 more passes). Despite being a "Fire-breather" she is very controllable and has a nice on-off switch. In fact we receive compliments on her line manners. She is an easy keeper in the house and kennel, and is super friendly. She is very biddable and despite being high drive does not require much pressure at all. Nellie is a smooth operator in the upland field and is an excellent bird finder. Nellie has hunted nearly everything that flies in North Dakota, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. She is equally adept at hunting in the duck marsh, in a field for Canada Geese or in the upland field for pheasants. Pups from Nellie's first two litters are doing awesome and we are receiving really good reports from their owners.

We like this combination enough that we are keeping a female for our breeding program.

Pups will all be yellow. All pups will be EIC, CNM, RD/OSD and PRA clear by parentage. 

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Justin VanDeHey


Vesper, WI

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