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Advanced Pointing Retriever

If you choose the natural progression for titling your dog (you may start at any of the three levels), the next step after CPR is the Advanced Pointing Retriever (APR) title. The APR test elevates the retriever water discipline and includes a land series with an independent blind retrieve. The retriever and upland series, as with the CPR test, is meant to evaluate a dog’s natural abilities, and requires more attention to trained behaviors, such as control and discipline, between the handler and the dog. For example, dogs may be brought to the line on lead, but must be off lead and steady for the marks until release. Modest creeping will be permitted, but may result in a downgraded score.

Again, the descriptions on this page are general in nature. Please refer to the APLA Hunt Test rules for specifics required for the Advanced Pointing Retriever title.

The Land Series

In the advanced category, the land series is introduced. The dog will be expected to mark and retrieve a double mark, with marks no greater than 75 yards. The purpose is to judge the dog’s “marking” ability, and the dog is expected to mark the fall(s) and remember where they are. Handling is permitted if needed. Retrieves shall be to hand.


The Water Series

The water series at the APR level is two water retrieves that become a double mark. The marks will be no greater than 75 yards. The marks may be “splashes” in the water or land on the land for retrieval after crossing the body of water. Retrieves shall be to hand.


The Land Blind

Independent of the marks, the dog will be expected to perform a modest blind retrieve in light to medium cover. The area is free of distractions such as equipment hides, holding blinds, and old falls. At 40-50 yards in length, the dog is expected to remain in a reasonable corridor (as defined by the judges) when sent by the handler, and take handles, if needed, to the blind and retrieve to hand. The land blind must be completed prior to the dog running in the upland field.


Obtaining the APR Title

If you are running your dog in the natural progression of titles, having obtained your dog's CPR title, the advanced title is achieved with one Advanced Pointing Retriever (APR) test pass. If you have chosen to start your dog's APLA hunt test career at the APR level, two test passes will be required for the APR title. As with CPR, each pass will be awarded a ribbon, the second of which has a "Title" ribbon attached. Upon titling, the dog's owner will receive a frame-able title certificate from the United Kennel Club (UKC).