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  • Wednesday, August 31, 2022 9:43 AM | Shell Hodgson (Administrator)

    In order to provide a little more time for handlers traveling on Sundays after testing, hunt test entry closing dates will be changed form midnight on Sunday, to 12:00 noon EST on Monday. the following day.

  • Friday, June 03, 2022 10:00 AM | Lily Lo (Administrator)

    Congratulations to our 2022 Triple Crown qualifiers!  The TC Committee is soliciting individuals, breeders, clubs, and trainers who want to purchase  ads for the TC program celebrating the dogs who have qualified or are competing.   If you are interested in placing an ad, it is $150 for a full-page (5”x11”) ad and $75 for a half-page (5”x5.5”) ad.   Please supply your logo and verbiage and send all information along with payment to the APLA Treasurer.  Deadline for ad placement is July 31.  For more information, contact [email protected]

  • Sunday, May 08, 2022 12:32 PM | Lily Lo (Administrator)

    The following dogs have qualified to run in the 2022 Triple Crown Invitational:

    • Baier's Prairie Disguise (Camo) owned by Troy Callanan
    • Bearpoint's Willow Rae (Willow) owned by Steve Ward
    • Bearpoint's Jax Riley Brown (Jax) owned by Leslie Brown
    • Bennett's Wyatt Earp (Wyatt) owned by Zane Bennett
    • Birchcreeks Red Pointing Yukon (Yukon) owned by Jim Miller
    • BPK's Rooster's Rockin Rebel (Rocky) owned by Dave Elbert
    • CG's Clean Burning Coal (Coal) owned by Cameron Green
    • Diamond K's Hidy-Ho Neighbor (Wilson) owned by Josh Krull
    • Doc's Black Pearl Handled Pistol of 3 Ring (Doc) owned by Brandon Minks
    • Doc The Swindler (Doc) owned by John Swindle
    • Featherpoint's Feather Fever (Feather) owned by Jason Watson
    • Frosty Breeze's Sparkling Jewel (Jewel) owned by Don Banducci
    • HCL'S For Off Road Use Only (Ruby) owned by Dustin Thoms 
    • HRK's Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (Preacher) owned by Dale Swiderski
    • Jack's Rocky Mountain Rye (Rye) owned by Chris Garramone
    • Kobe The Black Mamba of TGK (Kobe) owned by Aaron Stover 
    • Lanoue's Got A Case of Good Vibes (Case) owned by Zach Lanoue
    • Neal's Stella Bird Dog (Stella) owned by Michael Neal
    • Running the Thin Blue Line (Blue) owned by Leslie Brown
    • RVK's On The Wings Of Ezekiel (Zeke) owned by Richard McCullough
    • Ryker of Bearpoint (Ryker), owned by Jeffrey Beckvermit
    • Texas Rebel Gun Barrels Be Smokin' (Smoke), owned by Brandon Smith 
    • TGK'S Bleu's Princess Storm (Storm), owned by Spencer Zigich
    • Waterman Creek's Tyrannothorus Rex (Rex), owned by John Schierholz

    This list will be updated as more dog qualify.

    NOTE:  APLA is still seeking applicants to host the 2022 Triple Crown.

  • Tuesday, April 19, 2022 8:47 PM | Anonymous

    2022 UKC Registration Policy for APLA Hunt Tests

    APLA Membership:

    On the 11th of April, the Board of Directors convened to address the current issue of dogs required to be registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the occasional difficulty in getting through the system in time to run the spring tests.  After a full evaluation of the situation, from single member perspective to the UKC itself, the Board arrived at the following procedure.  This will be undertaken this spring and evaluated over the calendar year 2022.

    This is the process to which we agreed:

    • 1.      If someone applies for UKC registration but does not have the number prior to entering an APLA hunt test, they can use the single word “applied” in the UKC number field in Hunt Secretary and enter the test.
    • 2.      They will need to bring proof that they applied for UKC registration (picture of a receipt, copy of the receipt, etc.) to the hunt test or send the proof to the hunt test secretary prior to the test. If proof of applying is not provided prior to or on the day of the hunt test, the dog will not be allowed to compete.
    • 3.      At the hunt test when checking in, after receiving proof of applying, the hunt test secretary will give the handler printed instructions to send the UKC number when they receive it to the APLA secretary and hunt test manager. The email addresses will be included in the instructions.
    • 4.      If the dog passes the hunt test, the pass will be recorded on a spreadsheet and not entered in the database as a pass.
    • 5.      When the APLA secretary and hunt test manager receive the UKC registration number, the pass will be recorded in the database and removed from the spreadsheet.

    We agreed to this process until Dec 31, 2022 and will re-evaluate at that time.

    We discussed printing certificates because it is taking a long time for people to receive their certificates. Concerns about the APLA doing this are the expense and time involved to print and send them. Because we are now sending the test results every month to the UKC instead of once at the end of each hunt test season, the certificates may be sent in a timely manner. For the spring, we agreed to not send certificates in addition to the certificates from the UKC. If the time participants receive the certificates remains an issue, we will discuss in the fall whether we want to print and send certificates.

    Therefore, from this publication forward, for anyone wishing to enter an American Pointing Labrador Test, the following steps shall be taken:

    • 1.      If the dog did not come with a litter registration number from the breeder, go online to the UKC registration site (  Keep the acknowledgement and send a copy to the hunt test secretary of the test you want to run.  Bring a copy with you to the test as well.  This will assure your ability to enter and run the test.
    • 2.      Once registration has been applied for and acknowledgment received, the test can be entered from the APLA website or otherwise  There you will have to enter your dogs’ information and in the spot for registration number, enter that if you have it or use the word “applied” and your entry will be accepted.
    • 3.      Bring your paperwork with you to the test to assure your registration is counted and that you can run.  This way, once you receive your official UKC registration and send your number to the APLA, your dog will be awarded their title and it will be recorded with your dogs’ pedigree.

    Important things to know:

    • 1.      You do not have to own a dog or register your dog to be an APLA member.
    • 2.      You must have a UKC registration on your dog to run APLA tests.
    • 3.      Since we are removing the problem with delay in UKC response, please do not call UKC to see how your registration is coming along, your submittal is adequate at this time.  They currently are experiencing significant staffing issues and often are not able to get back to everyone on a swift basis.
    • 4.      Send the evidence of application for registration to THE HUNT TEST SECRETARY OF THE TEST YOU PLAN TO RUN. That contact email will be made available on the test premium.  Also bring the picture or evidence with you when you check in at the test, so your dog is positively in the system and once registered, gets the appropriate title.

    Julie Bates

    President, American Pointing Labrador Association

  • Friday, March 25, 2022 9:55 AM | Shell Hodgson (Administrator)

    The 2022 Triple Crown will be hosted in Divide, Colorado, Labor day weekend, September 3-4.

    Please note, the “Qualifying Criteria” has been amended. The qualifying year remains the same, August 1 of the previous year thru July 31 of the year of the TC.

    A dog achieving 4xGMPR in the qualifying year of the Triple Crown year is automatically qualified (stays the same).

    A previously titled 4xGMPR will need (2) two Master passes in the qualifying year (changed from (3) three passes).

    And a Triple Crown pass will be considered a Master pass, requiring that dog to pass (1) one additional Master pass in the qualifying year.


    Any questions should be directed to the Triple Crown Committee.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Friday, March 11, 2022 10:09 AM | Shell Hodgson (Administrator)
    1. April 1-3           Greenville, NC           Feather Point Retrievers
    2. April 23-24       Brandywine, MD        Cheltenham Property LLC aka Rovers Content
    3. April 30-May 1 Orchard, CO              Teal Lodge
    4. May 7-8,           Higginsville, MO        K&L Kennels
    5. May 14-15        Fenwick, MI               Jim & Ann Sullivan Property
    6. May 14-15        Chewelah, WA           Burlington Ranch
    7. May 20-22        Freeman, SD             Robert and Vicky Huber Property
    8. May 28-29        Redwood Falls, MN   Charlie Nelson Farms
    9. June 4-5           Blooming Praire, MN Old Oak Retrievers
    10. June 18-19       Carnation, WA           Snoqualmie Retriever Training Grounds
    11. June 25-26       Pardeeville, WI          Ludwig, Ernst & Berg Properties

    Additional information and contact info can be found at:

  • Monday, June 14, 2021 3:30 PM | Lily Lo (Administrator)

    The following 56 dogs have qualified for the 2021 Triple Crown Invitational, to be held September 4-6, 2021 in Higginville, MO.  The list is current as of June 14, 2021:

    • Battlemtn One Shot Tikka

      Bearpoint's 357 Magnum

      Bearpoint's Jax Riley Brown

      Bearpoint's Kuhl Hand Luke

      Bear's Yellow Gator Cooperstown

      Black Beauty's Lady Matilda

      Blackjack Ms Mighty Tub O Bliss

      Blue Running the Thin Blue Line Brown

      BPK's Locomotor Tailgater Joule

      CGs Clean Burning Coal

      Cooperstown's Say Hey Kid Willie

      Cooperstown's Splendid Splinter of Blazing Red

      Cruz's Magic Koda

      CVK’s Baumers All In With Cash

      Doc the Swindler

      Doc's Black Pearl Handled Pistol of 3 Ring

      Frogvilles Black Ice Kodiak

      High Calibers Across The Boarder Harlee

      High Caliber's American Dog

      High Calibers Atta Boy Crew

      High Calibers Cubs Wrigley

      High Caliber's Hoot-N-Holler

      HRK’S High Flyin Maverick

      Iowa Pointing Labs Cat Town Casey

      J&J's By Golly It's Ollie

      Jack's Rocky Mountain Rye

      Kenai's Dandy Dude

      King Of Duck Acquisition "KODA"

      Lanoue's Diggin Them Ruffled Feathers

      Lanoue's Little Miss 410 Remington

      Little Super Scout

      Makwa of RiversWild Retrievers

      Martin's Risky Stormin Trooper

      Master Brody's Raising Kane

      Midwest’s Syc’em Up Zia

      Morgan’s Fire of the Seven Sisters

      Morgan's Point Reginald Luke

      NCK's Rock Chalk Jayhawk of TGK 

      Northstars Smooth Criminal

      OGF Clara Allen

      OGF Matilda Jane

      Powell's Lethal Weapon

      Rattlin Ridge Otter McBunn

      Riverswild Robin Goodfellow

      RR Mannys Gold Glove

      Ryker's Not Chasin' Charlie's Angel 

      Sage T of the Aspens

      STKs Top Gun Dog Maverick

      Sweet Whislin Royal All Star

      Tiger Mt Lucky Lone Star Ranger

      Tippecanoe's Titan

      Vaider’s Risky Miss Rosabelle

      Vinson's Nez Boueux Noir Zeke

      Waterman Creeks Taking Command

      Wilkman's High Caliber Ryker

      ZZ-RR Dukeson Ranger Danger

  • Thursday, May 20, 2021 3:31 PM | Lily Lo (Administrator)



    We’re sorry for the confusion and difficulties many of you have experienced in the UKC registration process.  The COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout have led to continued labor shortages at UKC, which have caused delays in the processing of dog registrations.  In an effort to streamline the process, we have created this handout to help you navigate the easiest path to getting your dog registered with UKC.

    From now through July 15, 2021, APLA will continue to accept “PENDING” under the UKC number when you register to enter an APLA event on provided you send proof to the APLA Secretary that UKC has already received your on-line application for permanent registration but you have not yet received your UKC number.  If UKC has not acknowledged receipt of your application, you cannot write “PENDING” in the UKC number box on (if you do, any APLA passes or titles you earn may be deemed invalid).

    After July 15th,anyone who wishes to run in an APLA event must either supply a TL number or a permanent UKC Single Registration number (begins with the letter “R”) on  In order to do that, here are some suggestions:

    If you are a breeder:

    If you are a professional dog trainer with a dog that has been placed with you for campaigning at APLA events:

    If you are a professional dog trainer with a dog whom the owner decides later to enter in an APLA event, or…

    If you are an owner who decides to enter an APLA event and doesn’t yet have a UKC number:

    Do a Litter Registration online as soon as the puppies are whelped.


    All the puppies in your litter will have their UKC numbers when they are picked up by their new owners.  All the new owners must do to complete the process is fill out the Permanent Registration form you hand them (printed with a unique UKC number already issued) and mail it back to UKC along with a $24 fee.

    COST:  $30 for the breeder if done between 0-6 months after whelping. $24 for the new owner to activate the Permanent Registration.

    TIME FRAME:  The litter registrations are handled by a different department at UKC than the Single Registrations. Current turnaround is between 4-6 weeks.

    Recommend that your client start the Single Registration process as soon as the dog is sent to you., and scroll down the page to APLA Single Registration Application (PDF)


    The dog will have a permanent UKC number already issued by the time it’s ready to be entered in a test. 

    COST:  $25 per dog for up to 3 dogs

    TIME FRAME:  Give UKC 8 weeks to process the registration. 


    Apply for a TL and then you have an unlimited amount of time to later complete the Single Registration process.


    Available 24/7 and allows a dog to be immediately eligible to enter an APLA event.  UKC will track the APLA passes/titles and automatically transfer them to the Single Registration as long as the TL number is listed on their Single Registration application.

    COST:  $20.  Later, $25 for the Single Dog Registration

    TIME FRAME:  immediate

    If you have already applied for a Single Registration but then paid $20 for a TL so you could enter an APLA test, we encourage you to contact UKC directly to seek a refund of the TL fee, since you had already applied for a Single Registration.  APLA has no redress for this, as it is solely a UKC matter.  The APLA Secretary will be tracking the TL’s and contacting UKC for the permanent UKC number and will work with UKC to ensure that owners who had applied for a TL after applying for a permanent registration, will have their passes/titles transferred over.  If any owners see that their passes/titles did not transfer over after receiving their permanent UKC number, they should contact The APLA Secretary at [email protected].

    For people new to APLA:  In order to enter a dog in any APLA event, both the dog's owner and the handler (if different) must be current APLA members.  To join, go to our website at and scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand Menu to “Join Us.”  Memberships renew on January 1st of each year.  Dogs are required to be UKC registered in order to enter APLA events.

  • Wednesday, May 19, 2021 8:33 PM | Lily Lo (Administrator)


    Dates:  September 4, 5, 6, 2021 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

    Location:  K & L Kennels, Higginsville, MO

    Cost:  $425.00

    Entries:  Will be offered on and will close 28 days prior to the start date of the Triple Crown Invitational (August 7, 2021).  NO WALKUPS will be permitted.

    Scratches: Will only be for dogs in heat or dogs with an illness or injury.  A vet exam receipt will be required for any refund for the scratch. The refund will be the entry fee less $100.00 administration fee, for a total refund of $325.00.  LIFE-THREATENING MEDICAL CONDITION EXEMPTION:  If the handler has suffered a severe, life-threatening injury or illness and therefore cannot attend a test for which he has already registered, a refund may be considered contingent upon the APLA Treasurer’s receipt of a health care provider’s note attesting to the life-threatening nature of the handler’s medical condition and a review of the documentation by the entire APLA BOD.

    Invitees:  All dogs who have met the qualifications to be invited to the 2021 Triple Crown will be notified by e-mail at the close of the qualifying season.  A list of qualifiers will also be maintained on the APLA website and updated periodically.

    Qualifying:   Dogs that have qualified for the Triple Crown Invitational by earning their 4XGMPR title that year will have to requalify if they do not participate that year, regardless of whether they scratch or choose not to participate.

    Dogs previously titled as 4XGMPR that qualified for the current year’s Triple Crown Invitational by earning 3 qualifying scores in that year, who entered the Triple Crown but scratched under the APLA scratch policy, will still be qualified for the following year.

    Qualified dogs for the Triple Crown that do not participate in the qualifying year, will have to requalify each year.

    Format:  Over a three-day period, dogs will be tested on an Upland hunt along with one of the following retriever series:  a Land Retrieving series; a Land and Water Retrieving series; and a Water Retrieving series.  Each retrieving series will include at least one blind.    

    Over the three successive days, dogs will be scored on a noncompetitive basis in nine (9) categories. These categories are NOSE, COOPERATION, DESIRE, SEARCH, POINT, INTENSITY, STEADINESS TO WING AND SHOT, RETRIEVES (including LAND DOUBLE or TRIPLE, LAND-WATER DOUBLE or TRIPLE, and WATER DOUBLE or TRIPLE), LAND and WATER BLIND(s).

    Testing will be scored on a noncompetitive basis on a zero to five (0 to 5) scale in one half (1/2) point increments in each of the nine (9) categories each day, over the 3-day series. Any dog scoring a 2.5 or lower in any category will fail immediately and will not be allowed to continue the test. A minimum total score of 38.5 out of the 45 possible points each day is required in order to be called back for the next series.

    Rules:  Full Rules for the Triple Crown can be found on the APLA website, under Documents.


    APLA will give out a Triple Crown Invitational Finalist ribbon for dogs that have earned a qualifying score. 

    An additional award of a sterling silver plate will be given (shipped) with the year and location of the test engraved on it.  The plate would have only the following on it:  APLA logo, Triple Crown Invitational Finalist, Location, Year.

    Judges:  Mike Bachkosky, Julie Knutson, Dale Merritt

    Hunt Test Chair:   Dale Merritt

    For more information:   Please contact Dale Merritt, Hunt Test Chair, 303-929-9971, [email protected]

  • Friday, April 17, 2020 9:15 AM | Lily Lo (Administrator)

    Hello, APLA members,

    We sincerely hope you and your family are staying healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.  While many of us are eager to run our dogs in hunt tests and return to a semblance of normalcy, the Board's primary concern is for the safety of our members and the communities that host our tests.  Our Board of Directors met this evening to review the most recent epidemiological data and COVID-19 disease forecasts from local health departments in the areas where our spring hunt tests are being held.  We have also spoken with the local Hunt Test Chairs to get their input.  As a result of these discussions, the Board has decided the following:

    • The Nebraska test scheduled for May 16 will be CANCELLED and will not be rescheduled.
    • The South Dakota test scheduled for May 22 will be CANCELLED and possibly RESCHEDULED for a later date.
    • The Colorado test on April 24 that was cancelled will be possibly RESCHEDULED for a later date.
    • The Oklahoma on April 25 that was cancelled will not be rescheduled.
    • The Missouri test on May 2 that was cancelled will be possibly RESCHEDULED for a late date.
    • Decisions on the Minnesota and Michigan tests scheduled for June 6 will be made at our next Board meeting on May 13, 2020.

    The 2020 Triple Crown Invitational

    The inaugural Triple Crown Invitational that was to be held over Labor Day weekend will be postponed until Labor Day 2021, due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19 and the fact that most of our spring tests are being cancelled or postponed.  

    To qualify for the 2021 Triple Crown Invitational, dogs must have earned three (3) qualifying Master passes between August 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021 and be a 4XGMPR by test day 2021.

    Dogs who have already met the requirements to qualify for the 2020 Triple Crown Invitational will be automatically qualified for 2021.  This includes dogs who earn the necessary qualifying passes this spring and thus would have qualified for the 2020 Triple Crown Invitational.

    Thank you for your understanding during these difficult and trying times.  Please stay safe and well.

    APLA Board of Directors:

    Dale Merritt (President), Richard McCullough (Treasurer), Lily Lo, MD (Secretary)
    Don Banducci Chris Garramone, Kim Krull, Tigh Leibel, Julie Moore, Ryan Ordway

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