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The American Pointing Labrador Association (APLA), in accordance with promoting Labrador retrievers that naturally demonstrate point, has chosen to create a Pointing Labrador Hall of Fame (HOF).  The HOF is intended to primarily honor specific dogs that have been significant to the Pointing Labrador community.  The processes for establishing and maintaining an APLA Pointing Labrador Hall of Fame are outlined below.


I. Nomination Committee

APLA Board of Directors (BOD) shall establish a HOF selection committee (Committee) to act on behalf of the BOD to determine annual nominees for HOF election.  HOF nomination committee shall operate under the following parameters.


1. HOF Chairperson.  BOD shall appoint the Committee Chairperson.  Such chairperson shall then provide input to the BOD on the selection of three additional individuals to make up the Committee. 

2. Committee Credentials.   Committee must include one active BOD member.  All Committee members must be active APLA members in good standing.  It is intended that the Committee not include individuals who are active breeders or have a material financial interest in the induction of an eligible dog.   

3. Committee Term.  Committee members shall serve two-year terms which may be staggered initially to maintain consistency on the Committee.    


II.  Nomination and Election Process


1.  HOF Nomination Process.  Nominate by February 15th of each Year.

A.     The Committee shall attempt to nominate at least two times the number of dogs eligible for induction in that year.

B.     It is understood that the Committee may find that there may be a very limited number of qualified candidates for HOF nomination in a particular year or the Committee may feel there are no qualified candidates in a particular year.  At such times the Committee shall have the discretion to recommend to the BOD, for approval, that a lesser number of inductees be considered for that year or that no inductees should be considered for that year.

C.     APLA members may submit dogs to the Committee Chairperson for consideration at any time.  APLA shall make reasonable attempts to provide access for such member suggestions via the APLA web site.  Alternately, members may submit such suggestions via e-mail or in written form to the chairperson.  Member nominations shall include a written rationale outlining why they feel the dog meets the HOF nomination criteria.

D.     Committee shall make efforts to seek information on potential nominees from the dog’s owners and or others who may be qualified to represent the dog. Pictures, testimonials, proof of titles, shall be sought from the candidate dog’s last owner of record and other sources.

E.      Committee shall publish the current list of selected nominees, with supporting bio information on the APLA web site at least 30 days prior to an election. 


2. HOF Election Process

A.      HOF elections shall occur annually in June unless there is a recommendation by the Committee and agreement by the BOD that insufficient qualified candidates exist.

B.     Number of inductees per year shall be as follows:

                                                                                        i.           2010 – 6 Inductees eligible

                                                                                       ii.          2011 – 4 Inductees eligible

                                                                                      iii.          2012 – 4 Inductees eligible

                                                                                     iv.           2013 and subsequent years- up to two inductees eligible per year.

C.     The decision on inductee selection shall be based on a vote by the APLA membership.

D.     HOF election process may transpire via paper ballot or by other means such as web site or e-mail as available and approved by the BOD.

E.      Members shall be allowed to cast a number of votes equal to the number of open HOF inductees for that election cycle.

F.      Inductees shall be the nominees that generate the most votes of those cast in the election.

G.     The Secretary will be in charge of counting ballots.  The ballot package must include full information about the date, time, and location where the ballots will be opened and counted, or instructions about how to obtain this information well in advance of the actual counting of the ballots.  Any member in good standing will be free to attend and observe the opening and counting of the ballots.  Election results will be reviewed and certified by the Committee before becoming official.

H.     Possible “tie” votes may be handled by the Committee by either:

                                                                                        i.        Committee may recommend to the BOD to approve both candidates

                                                                                       ii.        Committee members may withhold their membership votes from the general election to be used in a “tie-breaking” vote.

I.       Election results will be published on the APLA web site. 


III. Nomination Criteria

Nominees should be dogs that demonstrated exceptional talent both as a pointing dog in the upland field and as a retriever on both land and water over their lifetime.  They should be dogs who not only earned APLA titles but also titles in other established venues.  They are generally dogs that clearly passed on their talents to their offspring. Nominees are to be examples of the complete Pointing Labrador-a naturally talented, well rounded dog that is a partner in the field and family member in the home. The following specific criteria will be used by the Committee in HOF candidate consideration.


1.      HOF nominations may only be made posthumously so that the entire life of the candidate dog may be considered and to lessen any financial motive for induction.

2.      Eligible nominees would be expected to have an APLA title. Individual accomplishment of at least a GMPR is highly recommended, but exceptions may be made for a dog that proved by way of the outstanding quality of its offspring to be an exceptional sire or dam.  Dogs that achieved top titles in other (particularly multiple) venues (AKC, UKC, NAGDA, NAHRA, etc.) will be given high consideration, as this is an indication of a well-rounded, trainable dog.

3.      Committee members will investigate nominated dogs to determine other qualities and experiences that make the nominee a good representative of the ideal Pointing Labrador, including time spent hunting in the field and blind, train-ability, and temperament of the dog.  Owners, trainers, judges, and people with personal knowledge of the nominated dogs will be contacted and asked for input. APLA members who suggest dogs are encouraged to include these types of details. Committee will also look at nominated dogs personal achievements, How did the dog impacted the American Point Labrador industry and the dogs reproduction traits of passing on those good genetics.     

4.      Ultimately, those dogs that left the general Pointing Lab community touched and improved and that continue to exist in the hearts and minds of the community at large should garner the greatest consideration for nomination and induction.


IV.  Recognition

Dogs elected to the Hall of Fame will be posted in a special section of the APLA website, and a Certificate of Recognition will be given to the dog’s owner.  The website information will include the dog’s photo, call name, registered name, registration number(s), health clearances (as available), titles earned from all venues, number of titled pups, their titles (at that time) and their other parent (dam or sire),  and biographical information collected during the committee’s selection process.  


V.  Changes.

Changes to the HOF program shall be made only by majority vote of the BOD.

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