Minn Horse and Hunt Club Thor
The Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club (MHHC) hunt manager Terry Correll asked Terry Holzinger about purchasing a pup out of a litter soon to be available. Sire of litter was “Full Choke of Chub Lake” (Son of Dual Ch Trumarks Triple Threat bred to a daughter of NFC 2xNAFC Super Chief). Thor’s mother, Duchess of Lake Nokomis, is a daughter of NFC-AFC San Joaquin Honcho. Terry Correll was told by Holzinger if he ended up buying a pup out of that litter there was a very good chance that dog would be a pointing lab which they could use for guiding upland hunts and they could also use the lab on their duck pass.

The MHHC had Terry Holzinger do all the training on Thor. He trained up real nice, was a pretty level headed dog. His personality was like a big teddy bear. He just loved people, liked to lie up against you when you were petting him and was pretty easy going. Most of the dogs out of those bloodlines were pretty high energy dogs, real out going. Thor would take things as they come and maintain a steady hunt. The club ended up using him for guiding hunts and many of his points were from extremely long distances in the field. Thor never knew what a whoa command was, he was naturally very staunch. He'd stand there as long as nobody walked past him. As soon as somebody walked passed him he would break point and run in and bust out the bird. He was a very easy dog to hunt with.

Soon after the start up of IPLA (International Pointing Lab Assoc.), they contacted the MHHC and set up an event so that they could certify pointing Labradors on the grounds. Terry Holzinger ran Thor along with two other dogs of similar bloodlines and certified all of them CP with strong long distance points.

The type of puppies that Thor threw was a lot more typical of his bloodlines. Real aggressive hunting, hard retrieving dogs, hitting the water hard, lots of point, wanting to work and please you. The club used Thor for their hunting scenarios, guiding and hunting with Thor until he was about 7 years old. They then sold him so he would have a family home for his later retirement years.

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Minn Horse and Hunt Club Thor

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David Mealman


William Urseth


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