Title 4XGMPR Grass Lake Greeley MH
Price $1000
Sire QAA CPR Shoal Creeks Stormin' Norman MH
Dam In God We Trust
Sire CERF LR-357141
Dam CERF Both parents are CERF normal
Sire OFA LR-196384E62M-VPI
Dam OFA Both parents have OFA excellent hips
APLA Title GMPR (Sire)
APLA Title 2 MH, 2011 Master National qualified (Sire)
Greeley is an APLA 4XGMPR and an AKC MH with 9 career MH passes. He also qualified for the 2011 AKC Master National. Greeley is 100% amateur trained and handled by his owner, who was completely new to the hunt test arena. This is a real testament to Greeley’s intelligence, trainability, desire to please, and drive. Greeley is out of QAA CPR Shoal Creeks Stormin’ Norman MH. His grandparents include GMPR Rik’s Risky Raider MH (a member of the APLA Hall of Fame), FC AFC Tiger McBunn, and NFC FC AFC Cashman’s Fat Lady Zingin. Greeley hunted wild birds extensively for four years before he was ever run in an APLA test. His intense and stylish points on wild birds led us to try the APLA tests. Greeley is an extremely intelligent dog who loves to be challenged in training and in tests. On top of being incredibly smart, Greeley is a first-class marker who handles well on blinds. He is most outstanding, however, in the upland field. Greeley is an elite pheasant dog with everything you look for in the field. Greeley has an absolutely top-notch nose, drive, and instincts. He is also obedient and works as a team in the field. All that said, Greeley is first and foremost a great family dog, having lived in the house his entire life. He is wonderful with our one-year-old daughter; he’ll even tolerate our 19 lb. girl pulling him to the ground by the ear without objection. He is truly an affectionate lover pup who is full of personality and devotion to his owner. Calm around the house, he is absolutely driven in the field. Greeley is a handsome, athletic, and well-put-together 70 lb. black male. Chilled or frozen semen available. Greeley is chocolate factored. For a copy of Greeley’s pedigree and health certifications or if you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail or phone.
Black, Male, Shipping Available
Name Guy
Location Minnesota - Twin Cities Area
Home Phone
Cell Phone (651) 402-5463
Office Phone
E-mail [email protected]
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