UKC REGISTRATION - note:  you must submit 3 color photos of your dog with your registration.  Dog must be standing and pics should be taken from the right side, left side, and front.


Hunt Test documents

SCRATCH POLICY (updated 1/21/2021)

APLA POLICY REGARDING COVID-19 (updated 1/21/2021)


GUN SAFETY POLICY (updated 2/25/2021)

Hunt Test Work Sheet Master (updated 7/15/2020)

APLA Hunt Test Application Master  (updated 8/25/2021)

Application to host the 2022 Triple Crown Invitational (updated 7/21/2021)

Application to host Triple Crown Invitational (updated 7/21/2021)


Presentation on how to hold a hunt test (updated 3/17/2021)


Instructions for Hunt Test Chair (updated 6/1/2021)

Instructions for Hunt Test Secretary (updated 7/4/2021)
 UPDATED 9/16/14

Expense documents

Expense Reimbursement Form  (updated 6/1/2021)

Revised Expense Policy (updated 1/21/2021)

APLA Bucks: Accrual and Reimbursement Procedures


Judges and Apprentice Judges

APLA Judges Policy and Guidelines (updated 3/17/2021)

Apprentice Judge Approval Form (updated 7/4/2021)

Judges' Tests (Judges must pass the test every 3 years at the highest level for which they are approved to judge)

Master Judges Test (updated Jan 2021)
APR Judges Test (updated Jan. 2021)

CPR Judges Test (updated Jan. 2021)

NOTE:  All apprentices must also submit the Judges Test with their apprentice judge application to the Judges commission chair.


Gunners Approved to Gun at APLA Events (updated 5/6/2021)

Other Documents

APLA By-laws (updated 10/21/2020)

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