Who is the Rocky Mountain Pointing Lab Club?

  • Thursday, October 13, 2016 5:09 PM
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    By Jeff Fryhover



    To say that we are absolutely crazy about Pointing Labs in the Rocky Mountains would most certainly be an understatement.  We are proud of our club, the Rocky Mountain Pointing Labrador Club (RMPLC), and were honored to have the opportunity to share a bit about who we are and what we do.  But make no mistake, the common thread that goes through every event, training day, hunting trip, board meeting, or even a “force to pile” session is that we are crazy about Pointing Labs!

    The RMPLC was the first regional club in the nation and we have an active membership of people who aren’t smart enough to buy pheasants or ducks by the pound.  Instead, we choose to throw thousands of dollars in gas, vet bills, training, and shotgun shells at them. 

    Our mission is to help our Pointing Labradors and members become the best team they can be, whether in the upland field, wetlands, or testing grounds.  We are first and foremost hunters.  We want the best out of our dogs in the testing field, because we want the best out of our dogs in the hunting field…plus, not sure if I mentioned it yet, but we are crazy about Pointing Labs.  Our members work diligently each year with our mission as the guiding light in both formal and informal training days, handling & training clinics, and mock test.  If you ever visit an APLA hunt test in Colorado or Southeastern Wyoming, you can be fairly certain that the people working the wingers or planting birds are RMPLC members.

    Some would say we might be a bit too crazy about our Pointing Labs because we didn’t stop at group training days or raising money to buy good equipment for the club.  We have an outstanding website (www.rmpointinglabclub.com), and our own RMPLC logo’ed shirts, hats, and bumper stickers.  Heck, a few of our members got together with a local brewery and even created custom labeled Pointing Lab beer. 

    We don’t take for granted that our club is blessed to be located in Colorado.  For most of us, a visit with Dale & Brenda Merritt at Bearpoint Kennel, Paul & Julie Knutson at Gunclub Labs or Kevin & Barb Eskam at K&B Kennels is just a short drive away.  We are so appreciative of the training days hosted, seminars conducted, training grounds made available, and for most of us, even talking us off a cliff the morning of our first CP test by these fine trainers and breeders.  We are very proud of our club but humbled by the generosity of Dale, Brenda, Paul, Julie, Kevin & Barb…Thank You!

    In a nutshell, we are just a bunch hunters who are crazy about Pointing Labs.  And thanks to these magnificent black, yellow, and chocolate creatures, we have forged lifelong friendships and had many laughs along the way.  

    If you find yourself passing through the great state of Colorado and are as crazy about Pointing Labs as we are, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.  We’d be happy to toss a few bumpers for you…provided you would return the favor of course!

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