Local Pointing Labrador Clubs

The APLA wishes to help promote local pointing lab clubs.

Vic Rompa is willing to share his insight and will help start up a local club based on his years of experience with the Rocky Mountain Pointing Lab Club (RMPLC).  Lily Lo is also available to assist you in setting up a local PL club based upon her experience in creating the Northwest Pointing Labrador Club, [email protected]

  • Pointing Lab Club Guidelines - What is needed to start a local PL club?
  • No need for formal club or dues
  • Need a leader(s) to step up
  • Determine local interest level once a leader steps up
  • Finding training areas is a challenge, but can be done.
  • Coordinate training days
  • Keep it going if people are interested
    • Interface with local breeders/trainers to promote club
    • Attend local sporting events (usually free)
      • Example Bass Pro – Upland Days, Waterfowl Days

If you wish to start a local club please let Vic or Lily know either by using this forum or emailing Vic Rompa or Lily Lo

RMPLC and NWPLC have websites that you are also welcome to visit.

Local Clubs Forum

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