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Registration Open for all approved events.


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If you have not registered and registered your dogs you need to accomplish that first



The list of the open tests will be visible
Click on the name of the hunt you wish to register dog(s) for
The stakes open will be visible along side of your registered dogs
Click the boxes go to next fill in your data and credit card info and then finish the transaction

If you have already joined APLA or renewed for the current calendar year but do not have a login on this site, please click Join Us and complete your membership profile.  Any previously paid dues will be credited, please do not follow through with any additional payments.

If you have not  joined APLA or renewed for the current calendar year and would like to participate in this event, please  Join Us and complete your membership profile.  You will need to complete your membership payment.

NOTE:  in order to enter a dog in any APLA event, both the dog's owner and the handler (if different) must be current APLA members.   UKC registration also is required of all dogs entering any APLA event.

Due to current delays in the processing of UKC registrations, we suggest that members give UKC at least 6-8 weeks to process permanent registrations.  If members are not able to accommodate that timeframe, we suggest applying for a UKC Temporary Listing (TL) number, which is issued immediately on-line, permits you to register immediately for any APLA event, and gives you an unlimited amount of time to then complete the permanent registration process.  Any passes/titles issued by APLA to your TL will automatically transfer over to your permanent registration number as long as you write your TL number on your permanent registration application.

If you have difficulty registering with UKC, please contact the APLA Secretary at [email protected] 

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