GMPR IPR CPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky

Registered Name: Cashzingers Cattail Corky
Call Name: Corky
DOB: 4/13/1999
DOD: 5/17/2007
AKC #: SN343175/04
APLA#: 202
Color/Sex: Black / Male
Breeder: Art P Stender
Owner: Justin McGill

GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky – was a GMPR in the APLA and one of the first GMPR’s located east of the Mississippi. Corky was easily recognized by his long, lean athletic body, and his huge blocky head. The story handed down on Corky was that his original owners were training Corky to compete in AKC Field Trials, but they could not get him to quit pointing birds, so they sold him. Danny Alan and Byron Fagg decided to buy Corky and brought him to Salem, Indiana where he earned his GMPR and served as a stud dog and hunting companion.

In the field Corky was a very aggressive upland hunter who wasn’t afraid to go into the deepest cover to find birds, or retrieve a wounded goose from the river. Corky had a very intense and unmistakable point that even though he was never whoa trained. At home Corky had a softer side, absolutely loved having his ears scratched, and often thought of himself as a 90 pound lap dog. Corky was at home anywhere he could be with his people.

While some of the other early APLA dogs out west and in Minnesota were carving out their place in history, Corky was advancing pointing lab genetics in the east. Corky sired over 50 litters during his breeding career, so if you look back in your pedigree, you will likely find Corky in there somewhere. Corky’s offspring were known to be solid hunting dogs who were also great family companions. His offspring have also played a role in establishing several pointing lab kennels that are still going today. Corky’s offspring were never specifically targeted to go into the hunt test scene, but as of the summer of 2013 Corky has sired or grand-sired (3) 4XGMPR’s, (2) 3.5XGMPR’s, (1) 1.5XGMPR, (4) GMPR’s, (3) MPR’s, and many other APR & CPR dogs.
GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky was the picture of what a pointing lab should be. Great retrieving ability, great upland ability, great looks, and one heck of a great family companion!

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